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BroadAccess - GPON FTTH


BroadAccess - GPON FTTH
Fully adaptable solutions that support an array of network topologies and capacities make the BroadAccess product line the optimal choice for network transition to FTTH/FTTP. The systems provide the ultimate solution for GPON deployment, based on high capacity GPON cards, high speed system architecture and advanced IP/Ethernet functionality (QoS, security, multicast). Service providers requiring a large scale GPON network will find the BroadAccess-1000E ideal with a density of 144 GPON ports per shelf, supporting over 9,000 FTTH subscribers (ONT's). Smaller applications are covered by the BroadAccess-300E to support up to 48 OLT ports per shelf (over 3,000 ONT's).


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