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About Teledata

Arieh Ben-Yosef
General Manager
Arieh Ben-Yosef was appointed General Manager of Teledata Networks in 2011. He joined Teledata Networks in 2006 as CFO and Executive VP of Finance & Operations. Mr. Ben-Yosef has over 30 years of experience in Finance & Control positions. Previously he was CFO at Tadiran Electronics Industries in New York (Tadiran subsidiary) and held positions as President of Elisra in New York (Elisra subsidiary), as Corporate Director of Finance at Tadiran, and as VP Finance & Control at Tadiran Electronic Systems Division.

Menashe Yosephi
Executive VP Sales & Marketing
Joined Teledata Networks in 1992. Over his many years here, Mr. Yosephi held various positions in the Marketing and Sales Departments, including leading the Product Management Division. Previously, Mr. Yosephi held a management position at Luz, an electrical equipment company, and Keren Electronics, an electronic warfare company.


David Abrahamoff
Joined Teledata Networks in 2006. Mr. Abrahamoff has 25 years of entrepreneurship and executive level experience in communications and R&D. Previously, he served as VP R&D & CTO at D.M.S, a security start-up company and prior to that he held an R&D Department Manager position at ADC Teledata.

Hagit Holtzman
VP Human Resources & Administration
Joined Teledata Networks in 2002, after years of heading Human Resources projects in large enterprises. Previously, Mrs. Holtzman served as Training Manager at Amdocs, a leading provider of software and services for integrated customer management. In addition, her experience includes managing the Training department in a major Insurance firm.

Mauricio Tepper
Associate VP Sales
Joined Teledata Networks in 1993, and has since been responsible for establishing Teledata Networks sales networks and handling sales activities in several key markets. Previously, he held managerial positions at Telrad Telecommunications and Electronics Industries.


Tomer Habani
Director of Finance
Joined Teledata Networks in 2006 as the company’s Controller. In his current capacity Mr. Habani is overseeing all aspects of the company's accounting function and financial reporting. Mr. Habani has previously been with ECI Telecom Ltd. where he served as Director Corporate Accounting. Prior to that, he was employed as intern at Deloitte & Touche. Mr. Habani is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a Bachelor of Accounting & Political Science degree from Tel-Aviv University.


Noam Kfir
Director of operations
Joined Teledata Networks in 1999. In his previous position, since 2006, Mr. Kfir led the supply chain group. Previously, he held positions in Teledata Networks as project manager in the Marketing department and projects and planning manager in the R&D department.